When Filming in UAE

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WHAT OUR LOCAL FILM FIXERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT FILMING IN DUBAI Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. Dubai has a hot desert climate. The region has […]

When Filming in Gabon

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FILMING IN GABON Set on the equator, in western Central Africa, Gabon is stunningly beautiful. Its oil and mineral reserves, combined with a small population, have helped Gabon become one of Africa’s wealthiest countries. Known as the ‘Last Eden on Earth’, sprawled along the scenic Atlantic coast of Equatorial Africa, home to dense forests, a […]

When Filming in Burkina Faso

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FILMING IN BURKINA FASO Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation in West Africa. It is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the south east, Togo and Ghana to the south, and Côte d’Ivoire to the south west. Burkina Faso has a primarily tropical climate with two very […]

When Filming in Namibia

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WHAT OUR LOCAL FILM FIXERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT FILMING IN NAMIBIA Namibia is located in southern Africa and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Angola to the north, Zambia and Botswana to the east, and South Africa to the south. Mostly, Namibia has a subtropical desert climate characterized by great differences […]

When Filming in Ghana

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Ghana is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa, Ghana is bordered to the northwest and north by Burkina Faso, to the east by Togo, to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by Côte d’Ivoire. Ghana has a tropical climate and is hot with the coastal […]