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Co-production is a general term that covers a variety of production arrangements between two or more production companies undertaking a television or film or television project. A ‘co-production treaty’ is an agreement entered into by two separate governments in the field of audio-visual production. The effect of this agreement is that a film or television programme, which is approved as an official co-production is regarded as a national production of each of the co-producing countries, and is therefore

eligible to apply for any benefits or programmes of assistance available in either country. There are two types of international co-productions:

  • Creative control is shared between local and foreign partners, and there is a mix of local and foreign people in creative positions.
  • A straightforward co-financing arrangement (finance only) in which one partner provides partial funding while another company undertakes the actual production.


The objectives of the South African Film and Television Co-Production Incentive, a subprogramme of the South African Film and Television Production Incentive Programme, is to support official co-productions and contribute towards employment opportunities in South Africa.

The incentive is available to qualifying official treaty co-productions as follows:

  • The Qualifying South African Production Expenditure should be at least R2.5 million
  • For documentaries, the Qualifying South African Production Expenditure should be at least R500 000.

The Incentive provides a rebate of, and an additional 5% is provided for productions hiring at least 20% of black South African citizens as heads of departments (HODs) and procuring at least 30% of the 51% South African black-owned entities which have been operating for at least a period of one year. The incentive programme offers a reimbursable grant to the maximum of R50-million per qualifying project.


The following production formats are eligible for support:

  • Feature film
  • Animation
  • Tele-movies
  • Television drama series and mini-series
  • Documentary, documentary series and documentary feature
  • Digital Content


A country with a unique blend of established production support and expertise, combined with a favourable exchange rate, English-speaking crew, the latest tech and gear, and topped off with the most beautiful scenery in the world, should be the tipping point in the favour of South Africa as your next film-service destination. If not, adjust to the new normal and embark on a virtual tour. That is, until the pandemic is over and international travel restrictions are lifted. We will be waiting to host you!


South Africa’s numerous co-production treaties enrich the production of films and television series, with countries partnering for the myriad benefits. CO-PRODUCTIONS / 17


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