East African Film Fixer – Mozambique, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Djbouti, Ethiopia + Sudan


Why use Hoodlum film Fixers in East Africa?

Hoodlum Film Fixers East Africa offers a full production service in each country in East Africa. Research, preproduction, film and work permits, visa assist, equipment clearance, airport collection and drop off, local crew and film equipment, transport and accommodation, casting, location recces and booking, translations and production catering. 

Once a lead or request for film production service is received, our biding department will set up a brief call and share a detailed fact sheet with all the information pertaining to filming in the region. As soon as the brief call has been completed a cost estimate is prepared and shared. A budget call is then set up immediately and a time and date agreed giving our clients time to go over each line item cost. Our bidders work diligently to bring the project in on budget. 

Our group has been in production in Africa since 2005 and over the years have built a database of all the best supply chain in each region. We have a producer on ground in each country and have worked extensively with the local crew and film equipment suppliers which enables us to enjoy loyalty price structures.

Hoodlum Film Fixers East Africa have built a relationship of trust with every governmental body responsible for the issuing of all the necessary permits as well as customs and exercise for the temporary import of film equipment.

With 18 years’ experience under our belt we are equipped to solve any production issue and our advice to client  is built on our sound knowledge base of each country.

For detailed information on the region go to our website: https://hoodlum.tv/news/

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