When filming in on location in Mozambique, East Africa




When planning a film production in Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar it is crucial that you engage the services of local film fixers to handle the applications of film permits, location permits, press accreditation(temporary work permits for international film crew),assistance with visa application and temporary import of film gear. The local film fixers will also handle budget negotiation with local suppliers to ensure that costs come in at local prices. Then there is a list of do’s and don’ts when filming on location. In this article Hoodlum Film Fixers with share these insights and very important tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable film experience in this region.


Mozambique was colonized by Portugal and as a result, you’ll find a lot of Portuguese influences in the business culture. Mozambique has a tropical climate and one of the world’s largest gas fields. Its population is young with approximately 45 percent of its people under the age of 15. The capital, Maputo, has over one million residents. Most Mozambicans live in rural areas and are of African origin. The people of Mozambique are often described as calm and outgoing. Mozambican culture tends to be relaxed, favouring a slower paced way of living. 

  1. It’s important to address someone by his or her professional title. If you do not know it, it’s proper to call someone O Senhor (Mr.) or A Senhora (Mrs./Ms.). Do not call someone by their first name unless they’ve invited you to.
  • You should nod at everyone in the room or on set in acknowledgement, even if you haven’t been introduced. Men and women can shake hands, but when two men shake hands, they use both hands, shaking with their right, and placing their left hand on the upper arm of the other man.
  • Although men and women can shake hands upon greeting, if a woman touches a man in the middle of a conversation, this is interpreted as strong romantic or sexual interest.
  • Mozambicans will let you set an exact time for a meeting because they know that’s what most foreigners want, but they will most likely be late. 
  • Don’t consume alcohol in public places except in bars and restaurants.
  • Don’t Travel Without Cash Mozambique is still an underdeveloped country, while ATMs aren’t non-existent, they are few and far between. If you try to pay by credit card you’ll probably get laughed at! They accept Mozambique Meticals, South African Rands, and US Dollars
  • Don’t Drink the Tap Water As a general rule of thumb for travel, always drink bottled or filtered water. Most of the better hotels or hostels will have filtered water but always ask beforehand. Or just drink the national beer 2M pronounced “dosh eme”.
  • Don’t Forget Your Meds Malaria is a big problem in Mozambique and mosquitos plentiful especially in the rainy season. Always take your malaria tablets, they are readily available in pharmacies without a prescription and cost between 4-7 dollars.
  • Don’t film in the rainy season. Mozambique is hot and humid, especially between December and April. Their winter season is between May and November and while it will still be hot there’s less chance of rain and the nights are cooler.

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