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Africa & South Africa

Africa has become the film location frontier of the future.  Africa – the world’s second largest and second most populated continent, covers 6% of the Earth’s surface. This fascinating expanse of land is home to 54 different countries and around 3000 individual tribes with over 2000 dialects spoken! Imagine the endless possibilities of stories you could tell through the eyes of a lens, stories that are still locked away in this magical continent and eagerly lie awaiting to be explored.

The various countries on the continent each have their own requirements and protocol in terms of obtaining visas, shooting permits, film equipment and film location permits.  As film fixers we can provide immediate information on any country and island territory in Africa and mobilize fast solutions for procuring all the above.  

Following trends in film destinations on the African continent, some of the cities that are getting a lot of international traction now would include Lagos (Nigeria), Dakar (Senegal) and Accra (Ghana).  Trends are always moving and changing though, and as we speak there are international film crews on location in most African countries working on projects and partnering with local fixers and film units.  

South Africa – A Leader in Film production on the Continent 

South Africa remains a top destination on African soil in terms of film production services.  The well-developed infrastructure and the English language, which is spoken by the whole nation, have linked it closely to the western world. 

SA is up to date with the latest film production technologies and offers the best range of film equipment and gear houses on the continent. The eclectic and cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg is one of the main creative centers of Africa and is a dynamic confluence of art and commerce where you can find incredible talent and local cast.  Just like Johannesburg, the mother city of Cape Town boasts of incredible scenery and endless options for picturesque film locations. In terms of travel and accommodation South Africa is a real gem that offers a range of solutions; from providing for a small crew to accommodating extra-large groups at any comfort and luxury level. 

South Africa has had a longstanding and well-established film industry that offers extensive resources in terms of film crews.  Some of the very best line producers, DOP’s and sound technicians in Africa hail from South Africa because service delivery and expertise here are on par with western counterparts.  Studios in South Africa are often used by international production houses to handle post production, sound design, graphics and animation because of the high standard and developed talent pool it has to offer.  Due to South Africa having been a popular destination for international film and TVC productions for years, high quality art direction and music composition is easy to come by.  Wonderful content is being created in South Africa and is widely represented on international streaming platforms these days.  South Africa will spoil you with an abundance of film logistics solutions and to boot it is a really beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once!

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