Filming on location in Cape Town, South Africa



Key facts about filming on location in Cape Town during season

South Africa is a large country offering a plethora of the most diverse and breath-taking locations. Being based in Cape Town international film makers from all over the world have a choice of desert, beach ,forests , city, towns, mountains, farms all within a  100 km radius from the city hub.  Cosmopolitan urban attractions and adventures in the Winelands,  a short flight or luxurious overland away from safari attractions like the Karoo Desert and even the Kruger National Park.

When it comes to places in Cape Town, this is a city of mind-boggling cultural diversity, complexity, and intense natural beauty. Fast facts about Cape Town include:

When to film? The ideal time to film in Cape Town is during the summer months from October to February. The weather broadcast looks something like this-

Average temperature: ±25°C /77°F | Average rainfall: ±13.9mm/0.5inches (Low)

Average humidity: ±71% | Average wind: ±13.5mph/22kmph

Average sunrise: ±5:30am | Average sunset: ±7:55pm

Where is it? Cape Town is on the southern tip of Africa. It’s a 19-hour flight from New York, 14-hour flight from Perth and only 12 hours from London.

Cape Town’s film seasons

Peak (or high) season coincides with summer when temperatures tend to climb and there are plenty of outdoor things to do in Cape Town. This is between December and February. 

Shoulder seasons tend to be from March to May and September to November. This is when most of the summer holiday crowds have either left or haven’t arrived yet in the Mother City. That being said, the Easter period around April can still get busy for short bursts with local tourism.

Cape Town’s climate & weather

If you ask locals this question, you will probably receive a snide reply about the Mother City serving up four seasons in a day. Even in summer, it’s always a good idea to take a jumper or cardigan out with you for when the sun dips below the horizon and the icy Atlantic Ocean freshens the air.

In general, Cape Town enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate featuring warm, dry conditions from October to April with temperatures peaking between December and February. For those who enjoy sports that require strong winds, the renowned south-easterly (nicknamed the Cape Doctor) blows from December to February but calms down again from March. From June to August, you can expect fireside-friendly activities with the rainy days of winter being dominant.

Film crew and equipment

Film producers will be spoilt for choice but book early as it is truly silly season in the Mother City

Accommodation for international film crews

Plenty of options available at really good prices. But book early to ensure best rates.

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