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Film locations in The Nile Valley, Cairo, Alexandra and Sinai are amongst the most popular film locations in the world. Local Egyptian film fixers who have worked with many international filmmakers are able to continually find and suggest new and wonderful spots in these very popular film destinations. Permit applications are easier when the authorities are dealing with producers they know and trust. Local film fixer understands the local regulations and share this knowledge to ensure a less challenging production experience in the Land of the Pharaohs. Film permits are obtained from one of the following ministries – The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Tourism, or the Ministry of Defence. Dependant on the selected film location, additional approval may be necessary. Film permits take between three days and two weeks to get processed and approved. 

So apart from the film location/film permit service, local line producers/fixers have longstanding relationships with all the suppliers that provide film gear, production vehicles, local film crew, casting agencies, accommodation, production caterers ectr. which translates into special pricing arrangements that is passed onto the foreign production companies and broadcaster.

Reliable production support is crucial in this North African film destination to not only ensure a seamless production but to ensure the safety and well being of the international film crew. To share details on the culture of the country , the do’s and don’t the international film productions crew need to know when filing on location in Egypt

The more popular a location gets, the harder it can be to get those unique angles on camera without the crowds. We are here to support your plan of filming in Egypt. Get the necessary approvals for shooting at the pyramids or find the latest gear. Our production assistance will prove priceless in times of stress. And let’s admit it, recording in a foreign country can be challenging sometimes. Finding the right location, understanding all the local regulations, can all be a bit too much. For these moments, count on us to clear the worries away. Our regional network of collaborators is the secret for top productions. We can ensure access to reliable suppliers, so your vision does not lack any resources.

For the most telegenic spots and flattering angles, our location scout manager will lead the way. And to guarantee the safety of filming in Egypt, there is no one better than a local. On the set, as well as remote, you can rely on our production assistance mavens. Recording in the desert or by the river does not have to give you trouble. Let us handle the details so you can spend less time stressing and more time behind the camera.

Once you decide on filming in Egypt, you will most likely set your eyes on some of the most impressive spots. Whether it is the Valley of the Kings, the City of Gold, or a Wonder of the Ancient World, you may need film permits. Of course, the popularity of these stunning locations is hard to beat. Therefore, the competition will always be on the rise, to see who gets there first. To capture the most telegenic angles on the pyramids or catch the Sphinx in the best light, let us help. Film permits are usually obtained from one of the following ministries. These are the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Tourism, or the one of Defense. Depending on the chosen location, additional approval can be necessary. For better local cooperation, filmmakers should get the permission of tribe heads. Film permits can take between three days to two weeks to get processed and approved.

Fixer Egypt provides foreign filmmakers with reliable local support, at convenient rates. You can expect some costs associated with the film permits for historical spots. Ensure your filming in Egypt does not suffer delays, by allowing some extra time before. We are the bridge between you and local authorities, for a smooth shooting session.

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