Film Fixers filming on location in Mozambique


Filming on location in Magical Mozambique

Mozambique lies on the southeastern coast of Africa and has a meandering Indian Ocean coastline that is sprinkled with popular beaches such as Tofo and Vilankulos. The coastline offers a rich variety of destinations that make for immaculate summery settings which will effortlessly sell the dreamy lifestyle you might be aiming for in your production.  Film locations include unique offshore marine parks and coral islands such as the Quirimbas Archipelago.  In Mozambique you don’t need to look far to find some of the scenery that the most memorable movies are made of. Mangrove covered islands, old colonial ruins and exotic coral reefs are around every corner. In the capital city of Maputo you will capture screenshots of Mozambican life down every alleyway – colorful markets full of fresh produce and handmade goods mixed in with distinct and eclectic architecture.  Maputo feeds the whole spectrum of film production needs and the locations our scouts can present you with will range from historical to slick and modern.  All the above-mentioned sites are easily reachable due to good infrastructure and the help of our local film production team that will gladly take care of your film and travel logistics when you partner with us on your film project.

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