Filming on location in Rwanda, East Africa

Film Fixers in Rwanda

As we are moving out of the Covid-era and Film Production on location is once again becoming a more realistic possibility, choosing Rwanda as your next film location in East Africa is a great option. Partnering with us as your film fixer will offer solutions that will make your project seamless and easily achievable in this region. Sourcing local film services is an exponentially more affordable option and with our well researched expertise and experienced production team on ground we can handle all film logistics on your behalf from every element of pre-production all the way to wrapping up your post production if the need exists. 


Processing of film shooting permits and visas in Rwanda is an essential task well handled by our team. We are aware of all in-country requirements and are constantly keeping abreast of any amendments in documentation needed and changes in turnaround times.

The Rwandan government mandates media accreditation for each film crew member and processing times can vary so it needs to be applied for weeks in advance. Having one of our local representatives allocated to your specific needs is priceless and saves valuable time and resources.


To obtain film location permits is generally a rather simple process and different types of locations will have different requirements. Having an experienced fixer to handle location scouting and certain local negotiations is not only essential but a great relief.

Breathtaking Rwandan scenery offers a plethora of diverse film shooting locations and will be suitable to a wide spectrum of film genres whether you aim to produce a documentary, feature film, agricultural or educational content.  

As beautiful as the landscape is, it is also steeped in a rich history and packed full of visual stories that are waiting to be told.

Kigali is the capital and most densely populated city. It is situated among terraced hills and a picturesque and lazy countryside but has good infrastructure in terms of travel and accommodation options. Rwanda is connected to the international world via the recently refurbished Kigali International Airport.


It is a good idea to bring in your own gear and to have gear custom clearance arranged for you is a simple process that we have a lot of up-to-date experience in. Surrounding countries can also offer equipment hire solutions and we have a very strong film production services office in nearby Kenya.

To limit production costs, it’s becoming increasingly popular for us to facilitate our clients in monitoring film setups or direct remotely by means of dedicated video live streaming connections. This enables you to have an optimally compact film unit of only essential role players and makes your production less susceptible to being influenced by global events.  Our expert Rwandan line producers and fixers are ready and at your service.

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