Film Fixers filming on location in Sudan


Filming on location in Mystical Sudan

Sudan is a fascinating landscape that has often been overlooked as a film destination due to its history of being riddled by different wars.  It is a place with ancient beginnings that are rooted in the Ottoman era and has a rich tapestry of stories that have been woven over countless years in the hot desert sun.  When looking for a diverse offering in terms of film locations this mysterious place will present you with a choice between undulating drylands, swamps and grasslands and even lush rainforests.  Even though the region was believed to have shown a sharp decrease in wildlife due to years of warring, scientists have recently discovered the biggest migration of wild animals on Earth, tracking herds of gazelle and antelope that move over large parts of southern Sudan. The capital city of Khartoum is considered an important trade center of North Africa and is located on the confluence of the Blue and the White Nile and Lake Victoria. 

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