Filming on location in the DRC, central Africa


Quite often the DRC is confused with its smaller neighbour to the West, Republic of The Congo (otherwise known as Congo-Brazzaville), but landlocked DRC is in fact a country to be found exactly on the bullseye of Africa. It is the second largest country on the continent – second only to Algeria. There are 9 countries neighboring the DRC that are reachable by overland border crossings. To the south you’ll find Angola and Zambia with Congo Brazzaville to the west. To the east it borders Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi while South Sudan and Central African Republic sits to the north. The DRC straddles the Equator, so it is to be expected that the weather is mostly hot and humid, but it offers a diversity of unique film locations that are only enhanced by this climate and atmosphere. 

When filming in the DRC, it is good to remember that the film industry is still relatively underdeveloped and local film equipment is hard to come by. As film fixers, we will take care of procuring all the relevant shooting permits as well as equipment permits and do the paperwork to make sure your equipment is handled safely at the entry and exit points through an easy and stress-free process. Your film crew will require a specific accreditation permit for filming in public spaces. For visas and permit requirements, we have compiled a detailed fact sheet and our local production team in Kinshasa is ready to advise you on all your options and initiate the process. 

Being a DRC fixer entails that we offer everything a DRC production company would offer. Local line producers, directors, cameramen and local cast is sourced by our film fixers as well as anything else your custom film production may need – be it art direction, wardrobe, music composition or any part of your post production.  The local talent in Kinshasa in term of cast and crew offers a rich selection.  

Another plus point of the DRC is that is not an expensive destination for your next project. Travel and accommodation are affordable and offer a range of options. Keep in mind that the land area of the DRC is very large and long-distance travel can be tedious and become more costly due to a poor road system in rural areas.  Tapping into the resources of a full film services outfit as ours will deliver solutions to your film logistics needs from start to finish.

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