Filming on location in the Maldives

Film Fixers in the Maldives


Filming on location in the Maldives is a great choice – it’s a safe destination for both work and leisure purposes. The stunning scenery and serene tropical environment will inspire beautiful videography to tell a visual tale of luxury that will promote your brand or paint the perfect backdrop to your documentary, TV series or any film production.  


Bringing your film crew to the Maldives is relatively easy. Tourist Visas are available on arrival for citizens of all countries and are valid for a 30 day stay while business visas must be applied for.  When you are planning on filming on any of 1200 small islands of the Maldives, you will need a filming permit which can seamlessly be obtained with the assistance of our on-ground experienced production team of line producers and fixers.


The Maldives is a group of coral islands located to the South West of India in the warm Indian Ocean. It is a very low-lying country with clear watered beachy coves, open stretches of wide sand and exquisite holiday resorts that make it a film location paradise. The ample coral reefs provide unmatched opportunities for underwater filming and wildlife documentary filmmaking is very popular. It’s no surprise that the country’s economy is driven by tourism. It’s a magnet for international travel and offers both ultra-luxurious and authentically simple accommodation options. Malé’s Velana International Airport is the main entry point by air. Tourism contributes to good infrastructure which makes it easy to reach filming locations – from coconut plantations to indigenous fishing expeditions at sea. 


December through April is the dry season in the Maldives and will give you the opportunity to escape some rainy and windy weather however it will be warm and quite humid throughout the year. The different seasons influence visibility for underwater filming so it’s best to have us advise on optimal filming times for your film production. Some film equipment is available for hire in-country but it’s usually better to bring in your own. Gear custom clearance and other film logistics will be expertly taken care of on your behalf by our experienced in country team.

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