Filming on Location in Abidjan, Ivory Coast



Abidjan remained the capital of the Ivory Coast after its independence from France in 1960. It is the largest city in the country as well as being the centre of its economic activity and has officially been designated as the “economic capital” of the country. Dubbed the “Manhattan of Africa” the gleaming skyscrapers and manicured gardens of The Plateau give downtown Abidjan a decidedly modern feel. There are no fewer than eight national parks in the country, including Comoé, the largest protected area in West Africa, which boasts the most biodiverse savannah in the world.

Film locations of interest in the capital include

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury : An absolute trove of African contemporary art, this cubical, 600-sq-metre gallery features the best of the continent’s artists, from sculpture and painting to photography. Check the website for individual exhibitions or just explore what’s on at the time. A real gem of a place.

Parc du Banco : On the northwest edge of town is the cool and shaded Parc du Banco rainforest reserve. It has pleasant walking trails, majestic trees and a lake.

Cathedrale St Paul

Designed by Italian architect Aldo Spiritom, the Cathedrale St Paul is a bold and innovative modern cathedral. The stained glass is as warm and rich as that inside the Yamoussoukro basilic

Marché de Treichville

Market in Abidjan.The Marché de Treichville is an ugly, Chinese-built building, but inside it’s African to the core and incredibly well stocked, from food to household products and secondhand clothing. There is little you can’t find here.


Live Music in Abidjan L’Acoustic’s stage has held the feet of everyone from hip female vocalists to jazz and big-band ensembles. The place attracts an arty, musical crowd. There’s a restaurant for late-night dinners

Palais de la Culture

Performing Arts in Abidjan This is the place to come and see Ivoirian performers – theatre, stand-up comedy, music, you name it – and various festivals

Film location permits to shoot in public locations around in Ivory Coasts takes a maximum of 14 days. The application is done by a local film fixer.

Abidjan has a small amount of film equipment for hire but it is advisable to bring in the equipment from abroad or South Africa. Temporary import permit will be arranged by local film fixers after all the necessary film permits and permissions have been obtained. A list of the film gear with serial numbers and market value is required after which a quote for costs will be shared.

Entry visas are subject to regulations from country of origin. These can be applied for at the respective consulates in country of origin or online. The documents needed and cost vary from country to country.

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