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Spectacular African Film Locations on the Menu with Hoodlum Film Fixers 

The vast and often undiscovered continent of Africa offers a rich diversity of breathtaking locations that will infuse your bespoke film production with a magic that can be found nowhere else in the world.  Africa’s various regions are bursting with a full spectrum of atmospheric scenery and settings that will provide you with the fresh backdrop you need to perfectly frame your next film project or documentary.

Africa is an incredibly photogenic place. It’s a melting pot of eclectic people, cultures, languages, and landscapes that just seem to organically fuel cinematic storytelling. Our film fixing footprint reaches deep into the hidden pockets of the continent and the Middle East – from Iran to Malawi, from Cape Verde to Yemen.  Hoodlum is rearing to draw from its extensive resources to deliver flawlessly customized film services solutions to your project.  

Treasures of the Regions

In Africa there is no shortage of distance and natural phenomena.  From the majestic waterfalls and untouched desert plains of Southern Africa all the way to North Africa where the Atlas Mountains separate the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline from the famous sand dune fields of the Sahara Desert. There are great distances that stretch from West Africa – the storyteller region – home to ancient Baobab trees that have witnessed centuries of history and have integrated with folklore, all the way across the continent to East Africa. Here you can discover the African Great Lakes, coastlines that are peppered with lazy Indian Ocean beach resorts and island locations as well as immense safari plains that host countless world-renowned wildlife documenting options. Central Africa proudly straddles the Equator with the great Congo River roaring through the region like a powerful lifeline.  The Congo River Basin offers a dense species richness which makes it a filmmaker’s oasis and even to this day large sections of the area remain virtually unstudied.

Turning film dreams into reality with Hoodlum

These endless, sprawling distances we’ve mentioned symbolize how widely Hoodlum’s offering of fixer services stretch across the continent.  Whether it’s sourcing your professional film crew and specialized film equipment or procuring every finer detail of the film logistics – no African dream of yours is too big or small for us to realize.  We can set you up to capture stretches of the Sudanian Savannah ecoregion or the everlasting dreamy desert dunes of the Namib from a hot air balloon or through the lens of a high-quality drone. Our in-depth knowledge of each region and country specific legislation will make the process of obtain the correct film shooting permits and visas on your behalf an uncomplicated exercise.  We pride ourselves to be able to offer tested and reliable travel and accommodation solutions in any country of your choice. We understand the critical demands of budget and time constraints on film production delivery as well as the service delivery challenges of each country on the continent so regardless of where your project is taking you in Africa, we will rise to the occasion to meet your specific needs. 

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect and most authentic film location that will set your creative vision apart from the expected and predictable. Africa welcomes you.

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