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East Africa offers a multitude of exotic film locations. Mozambique, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. Each region with its unique and very own offering. From a well-established and experienced film sector to an infrastructure that requires assistance from its neighboring African countries, local film fixers in each region can put together production solutions to meet any film brief and budget.

Film permits, press accreditation, work permits for international crew and temporary import of film gear, differs from country to country and once again local line producers/film fixers can assist with every aspect of this process. Hoodlum Film Fixer have drawn up fact sheets for each of these countries for ease of reference. Our in-country operations have also put together production teams comprising of some of the most experienced and talented film crews in the region. Showreels are available on request. Film equipment is available in the regions and can be transported easily from country to country. Equipment not available in-country can be sourced for either Kenya or South Africa.

Cast directors and casting studios share short listed castings via WeTransfer. Talent day rates and buyouts are negotiable. Local voice over artists and voice recordings are also offered in this region and once again the rates are more than competitive.

Our local producers are available on zoom for briefs and can answers any production questions our prospective clients might have. Our in-country teams will regularly share newsworthy articles, so watch out for these in 2022. 

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