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Rwanda is often overlooked as a film location. Africa’s smallest country offers several diverse and almost perfect locations for filming. Couple this with low-cost production & ease of access. Hoodlum Film Fixers in Rwanda is excited to offer a full spectrum production service from its “on ground” operation in Kigali.

Our local fixers with share articles on some of the film locations over the next few weeks which can be accessed in the news section on our website

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and is well known as the location at which Hotel Rwanda was filmed. The Kigali Genocides Memorial is a place of remembrance and learning and was built on a mass gravesite where over 250,000 Tutsi people were buried. Local film fixer will assist you to contact some of the survivors. Kigali international airport is the international travel hub. The capital city is a constantly developing modern city with good road linked to the rest of the country. Other locations worth scouting are the Inema Art Center, Nyamata Church, Kimironko Market, 1000 Hills Distillery, Niyo Art Gallery and Mt. Kigali.

Film location permits to shoot in public locations around Rwanda are generally quick and easy to get. Rwanda requires Press Accreditation for each international crew member from the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Sports & Culture. This usually takes a minimum of three weeks to process.

Kigali has a small amount of film equipment for hire but it is advisable to bring in the equipment from abroad or South Africa. Temporary import permit will be arranged by local film fixers after all the necessary film permits and permissions have been obtained. A list of the film gear with serial numbers and market value is required after which a quote for costs will be shared.

Entry visas are subject to regulations from country of origin. Most passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival

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