Filming on Location in London, United Kingdom



London is an amazing film location with a long cinematic history. Steeped in a rich history and filled with iconic filming locations along with museums, galleries, and a healthy night life.

Ranked amongst the top film location in London are

Kings Cross Station

Portobello Road

Paddington Station

Borough Market

MI6 Building in Vauxhall

The Tube

Baker Street

Tower of London

South Bank

Trafalgar Square

Filming permits when filming in London

London is a film-friendly city however you do need permission to film. Common law rights allow you to film public highways as long as you’re not obstructing traffic. If your filming will impede or obstruct traffic in some way, you’ll need to contact the relevant borough film service.

Some areas that seem like public streets, or have public access, are actually privately owned or managed.

Key areas that have public access but always need filming permission are:

  • The Royal Parks.
  • Trafalgar Square.
  • Parliament Square.
  • The South Bank.
  • Canal and River pathways.
  • Train and Tube stations.

If you film inside a store or restaurant, you need written permission to use the location and to show the chain’s name or trademark. You do not need to ask passers-by for permission to feature their faces in a film. Under UK law, the copyright of film shot in a public place resides with the filmmaker.

Our local fixers with share articles on some of the film locations over the next few weeks which can be accessed in the news section on our website

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