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Rwanda is located on the East Coast of Africa and has a tropical climate characterized by its hilly landscape stretching from east to west. The film industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and has facilitated many international productions. Hoodlum Film Fixers Rwanda would like to share some insight into the legalities surrounding film permits and visas for international production companies.

Film permits

The Line Ministry is responsible to issue film permits so for example if you want to film in a hospital then The Ministry of Health will issue the permit. Permits take about two weeks to process. The cost is dependent on the locations. An application from the production company as well as a synopsis of the project is required for the application.

Location Permits

Public spaces location permits are included in the film permit. Privately owned locations are secured upon negotiation by local film fixers and rates are agreed for the use of these.

Import permits for film equipment

This is handled by customs in Rwanda. An equipment list with serial number and costs is sent to the local fixer and the process for the import permit takes about 3 working days. The import duty on small kits is 10% of value and on larger kits exceeding $30000.00 there is a standard fee of not more than $1500.00. Drones are not allowed to be brought into Rwanda. Local hires of drones inclusive of pilot and permit are available and these include Phantom 3, Phanton 4 and Moavic drones. These drone packages are priced from $500.00 per day.

International crew accreditation(temporary work permits)

The accreditation permit is issued by Irembo, the same organisation that issues visas and costs $100 per international crew member. Documentation required is: Passport size photo /Photocopy of press card or service card / Passport copy (If you are not Rwandan) /Application letter from the production company

Visa requirements and timings

A Visa costs $50.00 and takes about 3 working days. Note it is not advisable to enter on a “Visas on Arrival”. Please apply on the Irembo website.  Documentation required is:  Photo with white background / Copy of passport biodata page / Application letter

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