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Senegal is located on the westernmost cape of Africa, it borders the North Atlantic Ocean in west, Mauritania in north, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea in south, Mali in east and it surrounds the nation of Gambia almost entirely.

This country has a tropical hot, humid climate with the rainy season from May to November during which there are strong southeast winds The dry season from December to April is dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind. The cool, dry season from December to April is the best time to film. 

Public holidays must be taken into consideration especially Ramadan. The local Senegalese film fixer will advise on these.

Most main roads are in a good condition. During the rainy season, some roads becoming impassable. Senegalese film fixer will organise safe and reliable 4WD transportation. Several international airlines service flights to Senegal.

Film friendly hotels in Dakar:

Terrou Bi
Novotel Dakar
Radisson Blu Hotel

Local film fixer can also organise hosted accommodation for those film producers wishing to stay with local communities.

At present there are no tax incentives for foreign film production in Senegal.

The West African CFA franc (XOF) is the official currency. Transfer into local banks need at least a week’s clearance time. The international currency preferred is the Euro

Some 39 languages are spoken in Senegal, including French (the official language) and Arabic. Linguists divide the African languages spoken there into two families: Atlantic and Mande.

Senegal is known for being one of the safest countries in West Africa. From relatively low levels of crime and disease to a population renowned for being generous hosts, Senegal tends to be a safe, hassle-free , film friendly  destination.


Senegal offers a variety of interesting and diverse film locations, all easily accessible once the necessary film permits are in place. The African Renaissance Monument, Museum of African Arts, Museum of Black Civilisations, House of Slaves Museum, Mosque of the Divinity and the Corniche. Wonderful local markets as well as Goree Island colonial architecture. Lac Retba, Kayar fishing village, Mboro city, the old French colonial city of Saint Louis, Joal-Fadiouth, Palmarin, Point de Sangomar, Saly, Great Mosque of Touba, Langue de Barbarie

Travelling outside of the capital along the coast, Senegal sports beautiful beaches and interesting little coastal towns renowned for their white beaches and great surf.  Then onto the green lush forests, rivers, rice paddies, mangrove, and huge kapok trees. Bandia Wildlife Reserve, Saloum Delta National Park, Niokolokoba National Park, Sangalkam Turtles Village, and Lompoul Desert to name some

Other film worthy and interesting national occurrences include music festivals such as the Abéné Festival at the beginning of each year, the St Louis Jazz Festival  and Kaay Fecc mid-year . Senegalese wrestling is the national sport with events on throughout the year.

The application for locations permits take about 7 days and the cost is dependent on what film location is to be used.

What our film fixers in Senegal, Africa have to say about film & import permits and visas applications

Film Location Permits when filming in Senegal

A general film permit per project is required from the Ministry of Culture and is applied for by a local film fixer/producer. A synopsis of the project and a yellow fever yellow card is required for applications for work permits and visa letters.

Senegal is an ATA carnet country and as such the equipment must be accompanied by an ATA carnet and  must go through a certified freight forwarder

Visa requirement are dependent on the country of origin. Applications for visas must be done at Senegalese embassies abroad. A synopsis of the film project and a yellow fever yellow card is required for applications for work permits and visa letters.


Film equipment

Basic film Cameras, lights and grips are available locally. All other film gear to be brought in from Europe or surrounding West African countries such as Nigeria

Senegal is an ATA carnet country

Film crew

A small pool of local film crew is available but for bigger productions it is recommended to bring in HOD’s from Nigeria, Ghana or Europe

The Senegalese film fixers will negotiate local deals and provide the appropriate level of film production support to match every budget.


West African looking talent comprising predominately of the Wolof, Fula and Serer tribes are plentiful and some Far Eastern and Lebanese cast is available but all other talent will have to be brought in from abroad.The local talent fees are negotiable and include usage.

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