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Filing on location in Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

Winston Churchill visited Uganda during the British occupation and blessed the country with a beautifully descriptive new name: The Pearl of Africa.   Churchill’s famous utterances on the topic rings true to this day. “Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different and most of all the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa. What message I bring back…. Film makers of the world – concentrate on Uganda.”

Uganda should not be overlooked as quality film production location. In fact, the local film scene is thriving, the industry is called Ugawood and sometimes Kinauganda by the locals. From a Hollywood perspective, Uganda is maybe best known in more recent years for the film ‘The Last King of Scotland’ which was shot in various locations throughout Uganda and is a critically acclaimed retelling of the history surrounding Uganda’s former dictator, Idi Amin.  Whether it’s for film or documentaries, international investors have taken interest in this special land.

Let’s look at some great reasons to bring your next film production to Uganda.  

  1. Ugandans are known to for their generous and warm nature. Therefore, you will be happy to have Ugandans on your film crew and confident to leave them in charge of your film equipment. They will be happy meet you and are wonderful to work with.
  • Uganda’s nationwide internet connection is good. This is not always a given in some parts of Africa but essentially a huge advantage when you are producing your film or documentary. The connectivity will also simplify and speed up the process of obtaining film shooting permits and travel visas. Hoodlum Film Fixers have local experts on standby to make sure you don’t waste any time or effort when you need to procure all the necessary documentation according to the Ugandan government’s requirements. Leave it to us, we know the drill!
  • Uganda is the most affordable safari destination in Africa. Kampala and Entebbe rest on the banks of Lake Victoria – the largest freshwater lake in Africa.  In Uganda you will find the source of the longest river in the world, the strongest waterfall and the highest number of primates and mountain gorillas in the world.  Uganda will overwhelm you when scouting for your next film location. The diversity and versatility of the landscapes will satisfy the creative visions of any film director.  Whether you are telling the stories of people, landscapes or fauna and flora – Uganda will deliver offerings as generously as its people are.
  • Uganda has a rich diversity of different people. There are more than 50 tribes and each one has its own unique culture. Whether in the cities or in the vast rural landscapes you will find diverse and interesting characters to fuel the cinematic stories you want to tell about the country, its people, the wildlife or the culture.

When you are looking for a film location in East Africa, remember the words of Winston Churchill…. concentrate on Uganda and its unique scenery, climate, and people.

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