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East Africa – An excellent location choice

East Africa is a stunning subregion of the African continent that reaches over the scenic landscapes of many diverse and beautiful east African countries. When looking for the perfect film location, this region will offer you every choice you can dream of, regardless of genre.  Countries of this region are home to various world-renowned natural gems, like Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest summit on the African continent and an international trekking destination.  Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake in the world and the chief reservoir of the Nile River that share the borders of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya and attracts environmental interest from all over the world. Various east African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi boast of a high concentration of world famous ‘big five’ wildlife group while cities like Nairobi and Addis Ababa are included in the top ten fastest growing cities in Africa.  Whether you are interested in capturing the vast biodiversity of this region, or you want to tell the stories of some of its fascinating peoples, you can surely find your perfect solution in beautiful East Africa.

Over the next weeks we will draw from our film production experience in the region and take a closer look at various countries and locations that we have not focused on before. 

Kenya – Generously endowed by God 

Deciding on Kenya as the destination for your next film production is an enlightened choice. Kenyan people are warm and friendly.  Kenya is a safe country where Hoodlum Film Fixers Africa can procure all the necessary film shooting permits and licenses at a speedy turnaround time. Your location choices are limitless and it ranges from ancient and rural to modern and urban while the country offers well developed infrastructure and above average service delivery.

Kenya hosts a vast range of forests and rainforest that offer filmmakers extensive options. In the west you’ll find Kakamega, a thick equatorial jungle. In central Kenya, the salient forest of Abedare and at the coast, the Arabuko Sokoke forest in the shadow of Mount Kenya with its glaciers, caves, and moorlands. Towards the east the Shimba hills offer spectacular views over the Indian Ocean. Kenya has and idyllic coastline where aquamarine waves lap onto soft white beaches. Turtles nest on this coast where you can find sleepy fishing villages and nets hanging from cashew nut trees.  Kenya is best known for offering exquisite safari options with ample African wildlife species to be seen and beautiful resorts to stay at. Kenya speaks of a country generously endowed by God.

Lake Malawi – Abounding with life

Malawi is small but breathtaking country which is located toward the south of East Africa. It is landlocked and topographically defined by highlands which are split by the Great Rift Valley and the prominent and regal Lake Malawi. This lake shelters a more diverse range of fish species than any other lake in the world. There are many other animal species that live in the lake like an abundance of Nile crocodiles, hippopotamus, monkeys and baboons. A significant number of African fish eagles feed off the fish in the lake. Apart from the thriving animal life, Lake Malawi’s crystal-clear waters attract various forms of human activity such as diving and watersports.  Towards the south sits the town of Cape Maclear – a popular diving destination.  It is surrounded by forested mountains and is known for the sandy beaches and granite rocks of Lake Malawi National Park.  

Hoodlum Film Fixers know exactly which stones need to be rolled out of the way for you to take your next film production to Malawi and our local producers are on standby to assist you with every part of the process.

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