Filming on location in Zanzibar, East Africa



When planning to film on location in Zanzibar, East Africa, our local film fixers advise on these most frequently asked questions

  1. Are film permits required, how long does the application take and what does it costs?

The application is done to the Zanzibarn Film Board by a local fixer/line producer who will require a synopsis of the project with a list of intended film locations as well as the international production company registration details. On an average an international film permit takes between 4 – 6 weeks and costs $1000.00 but if the permits is to be fast tracked the costs is $3000.00 and will take between 2 – 7 days. A hard drive with all footage shot needs to be submitted to relevant government department by the local fixer prior to client’s departure. Municipal permits are also required at a cost of $500. Should you not be in possession of a valid permit your equipment will be impounded and you could be arrested. This permit is valid for 3 months from date of issue.

  • What is the cost of public spaces location permits and what is the process? What is the process when needing to film in privately owned locations?

Public space’s location permits are included in the film permit. Privately owned locations are secured upon negotiation by local film fixers and rates are agreed for the use of these locations

  • Are drones allowed into the country on a temporary import permit, how long does the application take for the drone permit and what is the costs of a drone permit?

Drones are allowed to be brought into the country but need a permit. The permit application process is about a week. The cost of the permit is $500

  • What are the regulations on bringing film equipment into the country? 

Temporary importation of film gear falls under the bond system. A detailed list of equipment being brought in with the serial numbers and estimated value must be supplied to the local film fixer. A permit with a  bond from a local fixer’s bank is required for this temporary import of the film equipment into the country. This costs about $2000

5. What are the visa requirements for international film crew wishing to    film on location in Zanzibar and how long does the visa take to process?

Visas on arrival are applicable and the best option when entering the country. Business visas are required, and they cost $250 which must be brought by client in cash. This will allow international crew to film in the region.

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