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Urbanização Nova Vida,
Rua 13, Casa 78,
Luanda, Kilamba Kiaxi,

What our Film Fixers have to say about Film Locations in Angola, Africa

Angola offers an impressive array of film locations. Bustling city streets,  colonial architecture, Art Deco cinemas, tropical  beaches, deserts, national parks, rivers and waterfall.

Agricultural film locations include plantations of coffee, cassava, bananas, corn, sweet potato, pineapples, sugarcane and peanuts. Oil and gas extraction are the major industries in Angola. The country is also known for its diamond mines.

Luanda is a busy, chaotic modern city with urban slums, shipping ports, multi-colored housing development built by the Chinese and the Memorial Dr Antonio Agostinho Neto. Just outside Luanda to the south is the Quiçama National Park, known for its coastal savannah, baobab trees and big wildlife including elephants, giraffes and zebras.

Miradouro da Lua offers a spectacular lunar landscape by the Atlantic ocean. It is one of Angola’s most impressive film locations. Cangandala National Park is home to the giant sable antelope.Impressive waterfalls in this region include Kalandula Waterfalls and Tazua Waterfalls.

The Benguela railway runs from the east of Angola to the port of Lobito, a city known for its well preserved Art Deco buildings.

The city of Benguela is known for its Portuguese colonial architecture.

Baia dos Elefantes, Praia Morena and Praia da Baia Azul are fantastic beach film locations.

Serra da Leba has a beautiful green mountain pass road with 56 curves, an ideal location for a car commercial.

Tunda-Vala volcanic fissure is a magnificent lookout.

Bicauri National Park is home to buffalos, antelopes, and elephants.

Iona National Park wildlife of note includes the springbok, kudu, ostrich, oryx and cheetah. The park is home to indigenous peoples such as the Mucubal and Himba.

Mupa National Park is known for its wild dogs, lions, leopards and hyenas.

The Ruacana Falls are one of Africa’s largest waterfalls both by volume and width and Dala waterfalls are a beautiful film location.