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What our local Film Fixers have to say about film locations in the DRC

The DRC is the second largest country in Africa  is situated on the equator in Central Africa. Much of the country is covered by the Congo River Basin, a vast expanse of lush undeveloped tropical rainforest. The Congo Rainforest is the second-largest rainforest in the world. This area is surrounded by plateaus merging into savannas in the south, by mountainous terraces in the west, and dense grasslands in the north. High, glaciated mountains are found in the extreme eastern region. The country also has a very short coastline where the Congo River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of film locations the DRC is best known for its bustling cities, Pygmy villages, dense jungles, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, volcanic landscapes, and wildlife parks. Many productions come to film the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas that live in the east of the country.

Agricultural film locations include plantations of cassava, plantains, corn, peanuts, bananas, mangos, pineapples, sugarcane, tobacco, palm oil, rubber trees, coffee, tea, cocoa and rice. Industrial locations include mines for cobalt, coltan, copper, diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, uranium, and coal. Timber is widely harvested. Energy locations include hydroelectric dams.

When We Were Kings (1996), Virunga (2014), War Witch (2012), and The African Queen (1951) filmed in the DRC.

The DRC is divided into the following provinces: Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Kwango, Kwilu, Mai-Ndombe, Kasaï, Kasaï-Central, Kasaï-Oriental, Lomami, Sankuru, Maniema, South Kivu, North Kivu, Ituri, Haut-Uele, Tshopo, Bas-Uele, Nord-Ubangi, Mongala, Sud-Ubangi, Équateur, Tshuapa, Tanganyika, Haut-Lomami, Lualaba, and Haut-Katanga.