Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe, located in the northeastern part of the country. Harare is well known for its cultural and historical heritage as well as other beautiful attractions that have left visitors spell bound. A beautiful, light-filled, open city; high on the country’s central plateau. A city of modern buildings, Jacaranda lined wide thoroughfares, beautiful parks, gardens and a multiplicity of scenic tourist attraction sites within and around the city peripheries such as Domboramwari, Balancing Rocks in Epworth, National Heroes Acre, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences, Mukuvisi Woodlands, Domboshava caves, Lion and Cheetah park to name a few. The city is Zimbabwe’s leading financial, commercial and communication centre for cotton, maize, tobacco, and citrus fruit.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport is the largest airport in Zimbabwe.

The city has several attractions that would be of filming interest and the major ones include:

Wild is life trust and Zen: Formed in 2010, a wildlife sanctuary home to the Zimbabwe elephant nursery which started in 2012. Consisting of two branches, namely. The wild is life and Zimbabwe elephant nursery. This trust provides rehabilitation for injured, orphaned, and traumatized wild animals. A great place to go if you are interested in filming wildlife conservation efforts in Zimbabwe.

Thetford game reserve: Located in Harare city, a privately funded conservation reserve that has been active since 2000. The animals in the reserve include buffalos, impala, giraffes, duikers, zebras, waterbucks, sable antelope, and more. This Game reserve is very close to the city center and doesn’t require you to move a long distance to see and film these animals.

Mukuvusi woodlands: One of the few remaining large green spaces in the country. Located in Harare city and open to the public. The Mukuvisi (formerly Makabusi) Woodlands consists of 274 hectares of miombo woodland and grassland, approximately 5 kms from the centre of the city of Harare. It is a nature reserve and the woodlands harbor animals like the zebras, giraffes, elands, impala, ostrich, and a wide variety of birds.

Lion Park: Located in Harare city, a sanctuary for several lions as well as other animals that can be spotted and filmed in their enclosures. Including wolves, jackals, monkeys, warthogs, and more. This park is also near the snake world.

Zimbabwe is home to a host of breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient cultures, and its wildlife and landscaped seriously rock.

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