Filming on location in Namibia, Southern Africa



This natural wilderness situated on the south-west coast of Africa offers perfect film locations that call for desert scenery and natural wilderness landscapes. The sheer expanse of the Namib Desert is unlike any other film location on earth, The Caprivi Strip located between Angola and Botswana is the habitat of the endangered African wild dog, The Etosha Pan provides the highest concentration of wildlife, The unforgiving Skeleton Coast is a massive stretch of Namibian coastline aptly named for the trail of animal carcasses and sunken ships, The Fish River canyon the second largest in the world, Sosussvlei salt and clay pan is surrounded by the highest red dunes in the world and the spectacular Kuiseb Canyon is home to the Topnaars, descendants of the first people or the strandlopers as they are commonly known.

Namibia is easily accessible and local travel options are well supported. There are direct flight from Europe to Namibia but most filmmakers choose to fly via OR Tambo, Johannesburg, South Africa. Most major car hire company can be found in Namibia and while the roads are well kept a large number are dirt road.

This country is an ATA carnet country which make temporary import of film equipment easy. It is also a member of the Southern African Customs Union which means that there is free movement on carnet between Southern African countries. Film permits take about 3 days and costs $120.International crew require work visas which costs about $80 per person.

Hoodlum Film Fixers operate out of Windhoek, the countries capital and can assist you with the entire production or elements there-of. 

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