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Hoodlum Film Fixers Malawi offers a full film production service in this region. In this article we will share information pertaining to the application process for films permits, visas, temporary work permits and equipment temporary import permits

Location permits

General filming permit application processes and costs differ from location to location in Malawi. An example of this would be National Park filming permits which are more costly than most other location permits. The number of days filming as well as the type of production being filmed, the number of film crew and cast on set all impact the costs. Privately owned locations are easier to obtain filming permissions for and our line producer/film fixer will assist in negotiation the very best daily rates.

Allow at least 5 working days for this process

 Visa and work permit

Film crew may enter the country under an e-visa tourist visa if they have no film equipment with them. For those crew members carrying film gear with them, we advise that a business visa is applied for. Proof of yellow fever vaccination and a Covid 19 free negative certificate are necessary for entry. The prices of visas and work permits change regularly. Contact us for costs. Please ensure that you have the following on hand for the application process

  1. A passport is required for all foreign visitors and has to be valid for at least six months
  2. Passports must have at least three empty pages
  3. Citizens of most countries require a visa, which can be obtained at arrival
  4. Counties not requiring visa: .

Media accreditations are required for all film crew wishing to film on location in Malawi. The application is made to the media council of Malawi. The costs of this process are approximately $200 per crew member.

Temporary import of film gear

Film gear can be brought in on carnet. 

 Drone regulations

Drones are allowed to enter Malawi on a temporary import permit. Please bear the following in mind- 

  • Permits are required for each flight
  • Do not fly near aircrafts airports, and airfields. if operating near these spaces stay 10 kilometers away
  • Do not fly near groups of people, social gatherings, private property , schools and road races unless you have been given permission
  • You’re not allowed to fly the drone vertically higher than 45 meters
  • The drone should be registered with the department of civil aviation
  • The operator should obtain an operator certificate from the department of civil aviation

We recommend that local drone pilots are used.

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