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As a film location, South Africa offers the option of filming the world in one country. Hoodlum Film Fixers offer a range of film production support which includes but is not limited to project research, visa assist, film permits ,location scouting , casting , accommodation, transportation, production catering, local film crew and equipment. Our film production team has years of experience in any film location in Africa and The Middle East and have been in film production in South Africa for over 20 years. We offer a 24/7 film production service and have serviced all genres of film production – reality series, documentaries, TV commercials, corporate videos, still shoots, training and development initiatives and so the list goes on. Our work can be viewed on

Our team of film producers offer a superfast turnaround and will work with our clients to bring the job in on their budget. Our production process is tried and tested and starts with an enquiry from a potential client which receives immediate attention via email with a request for contact details and a briefing call. We also share a fact sheet at this stage which sets out the requirement and time frames for the visa and film permitting process. A date and time for a briefing call is agreed at the client’s convenience. At this stage it would be great to receive a brief description of the project as well as a list of requirements. Once the brief call is completed the bid is prepared and the first version of the quote shared within a maximum timeframe of 2 days. Our film bidder then requests a  budget call at the clients convenience during which each line item on  the quotation is discussed. Our executive producer then gets to work on negotiating items that need price adjustments on the bid and a version 2 of the quote is shared. Our team works closely with our potential  clients to close the job and commence preproduction. Although Hoodlum Film Fixers have many producers, the producer/bidder is assigned the bid from first contact mails and will service the entire film production to close of the project.

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Hoodlum Films is a production service facility with its main focus on providing fixing and location scouting services.