East African Film Fixer – Mozambique, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Djbouti, Ethiopia + Sudan


Why use Hoodlum film Fixers in East Africa? Hoodlum Film Fixers East Africa offers a full production service in each country in East Africa. Research, preproduction, film and work permits, visa assist, equipment clearance, airport collection and drop off, local crew and film equipment, transport and accommodation, casting, location recces and booking, translations and production […]

Filming on location in Uganda, East Africa


FILMING ON LOCATION IN EAST AFRICA:  MOZAMBIQUE,UGANDA,RWANDA,KENYA,TANZANZIA AND ZANZIBAR When planning a film production in Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar it is crucial that you engage the services of local film fixers to handle the applications of film permits, location permits, press accreditation (temporary work permits for international film crew), assistance with visa […]

Film Fixers in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya & Rwanda

East Africa – An excellent location choice East Africa is a stunning subregion of the African continent that reaches over the scenic landscapes of many diverse and beautiful east African countries. When looking for the perfect film location, this region will offer you every choice you can dream of, regardless of genre.  Countries of this region […]

Filming on Location in Kampala, Uganda

Uganda is truly one of the very best film locations on the East Coast of Africa. Hoodlum Film Fixers in Uganda is excited to offer a full spectrum production service from its “on ground” operation in Kampala. Our local fixers with share articles on some of the film locations over the next few weeks which can […]

When Filming in Uganda, Rwanda & the DRC

WHAT HOODLUM FILM FIXERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT FILMING WITH MOUNTAIN GORILLAS IN EAST AFRICA Mountain Gorillas in East Africa have made their home across Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) An East African visa allows nonresidents to move freely through East African countries which include Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya UGANDA International […]

When Filming in Uganda

Uganda’s lush green beauty and fantastic weather put this region on the map as far as filming on location goes. Some film locations of note are Lake Victoria – the 2nd largest lake in the world The Nile River – the longest river in the world National parks – world renowned for their gorillas and chimpanzees […]