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How Hoodlum Film Fixers has managed to have so many happy clients delivering film production services in Africa since 2005.

Hoodlum Films Uganda is situated in Kampala. Our local Line Producer  has many years of experience in the region as a film fixer and manages all aspects of film production services for our clients who are international production companies, advertising agencies, broadcasters, corporates, journalists ectr.

As soon as a request for a quote is received, we assign the project to one of our bidders whose responsibility is to manage our clients’ needs from brief to the final service delivery stage. The bidder sets up a briefing call which enables us to understand our clients’ needs and bring the job in on budget. Within 24 hours, our first draft cost estimate is completed, and a second call takes place at which we present the costs and share a local fact sheet containing all the requirements in terms of visas, work permits, general filming permits, location permits, temporary import of film equipment and the rules regarding operating a drone in the region. During this call we go over all the line items included in our quote, explain why we have included them and address all our clients’ questions. Costs are discussed in detail and at the end of the call, all adjustment needed are noted and we are ready to prepare version 2 of the quote. We try to get the amended quote to client on the same day and if this is not possible, we advise on a time the next day that the V2 quote will be ready. At this stage the quote will covers all the production services required at the very best budget. From this point we work with our client to close the job.

Now a little about the actual production service we offer     


Africa and the Middle East 

The visa application process when filming on location differs from country to country the visa type depends on the intended length of stay which is always clearly defined on the various country’s visa application websites. Documentation to have on hand before embarking on the visa applications include: A brief synopsis of the film, a copy of the bio page of your passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry date of intended visit, passport photos, a letter of invitation from the local production company in the country you plan to film in, your flight itinerary, proof of accommodation in the country you intend to visit, yellow fever card, proof of covid vaccination. In some cases, you might require a letter from the company you will be representing on the film production. 


When traveling to a country in Africa or the Middle East to film on location, it is best that the international film production company handle their own flights, however all in country local flights should be booked by the Line Producer or Film Fixer in the country you will be filming in.


Our Line Producers highly recommend that all hotel accommodation for our visiting film crews be handled by either our film production manager or in the case that the international production manager prefers to book hotel accommodation for their film crews directly, they request us to vet the film crew accommodation.


All local transport for film crews and film equipment is arranged by our local Film Fixers and includes the cost of a driver and insurance. 

Filming permits:

When filming on location in Africa or the Middle East film permit applications require time. Our Line Producers and Film Fixers manage these applications, and our managing Producer will share a fact sheet outlining the requirements for this complex submission.

Space / Office:

Hoodlum Film Fixers Africa and the Middle East have local production office in each country in Africa and the Middle East.


Our local film Location Managers with their unit team offer a full service which includes a vehicle, a small generator, comfortable chairs and tables for our international film crews, umbrellas and tents, cooler boxes, charge stations for our international clients, cell phones and electronic equipment…


In each country in Africa and the Middle East we are represented by local Line Producers and Film Fixers.

Post Production:

In most cases international film production companies handle the post

production in their country of origin. We do however offer full post production services. In many cases our international clients request local voice artist recordings in our local audio suites to facilitate foreign language authentically. Clients also request film rushes uploads which our local Line Producers facilitate in counties where the broad bandwidth is able to support this.


Our wardrobe mistress with her team of assistance has had plenty of experience working with international film crews.


We have been physically producing on ground in region for over 20 years. Over this time we have forged solid relationships in each country with the local film crews. They’re all experienced and recognized film professionals.


Our local Line Producers have worked in the region for many years and have built databases and relationships with each and every film equipment supplier in the country. Should the region not have the required gear necessary we simply source it from our film production offices in neighboring countries.

Casting and Talent:

Casting is an essential part of the pre production process and we have been lucky enough over the years to enlist the most experienced Talent Scouts and Cast Directors in each country we have film offices in. 


Our location managers have had years of experience in sourcing the very best locations based on location briefs from our clients. Film Location deck can be shared upon request.


The level of security varies from country to country from film location to film location. Our local Film Fixers will advise on the level of required security.


Our film production vehicles of all sizes come kitted with a driver and carry a motor insurance policy.


Our management team is made up of:

Executive Producers | Line Producers | Fixers | Field producers | Production Managers | Researchers | Creative Producers 


In each of the regions our art teams are legendary. Production Designers, Art Directors, Props Masters, Set Builders, Swing Gangs, Food Stylists, Wardrobe Mistresses and their teams. Teams that understand the culture and are able to take a brief and execute it perfectly.


Catering companies we have sourced locally are able to provide both local foods as well as menus for the most discerning international film crew. 

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